The BB ALERT® Bed Bug Monitoring System

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BB ALERT® Bed Bug Monitoring

The BB ALERT® Bed Bug Monitoring System helps you to detect the presence of Bed Bugs at the earliest possible stage.

Bed Bug populations increase so quickly that it is vital to detect them at an early stage of infestation to give you a fighting chance of dealing with the problem effectively.

Early detection will:
  • Lower treatment costs
  • Reduce room closure and lost revenue
  • Prevent guest complaints and
  • Increase hotel brand security

In the last few years, Bed Bug infestations in hotels have caused major problems – with even the biggest brands affected. Bed Bugs are great travelers and spread their population over wide distances by hitch-hiking on clothing and luggage, making a busy, successful hotel with its ever changing population a prime Bed Bug risk.

Your hotel may be clear of Bed Bugs now but every new check in poses a risk of introducing an annoying and damaging infestation. Stay one step ahead of the bugs and use a pro-active monitoring system to identify any problems before your guests do.